Everyone can

I met a guy which was averagely tall-short. He had some bad eyesight I think or so. He looks as if he was opening only his eyelids half. He doesn’t looks pleasant, or anything that you’ll amaze once you saw him. Prolly some might stare him once or twice because of his unique appearance.

So that day when I met him was in last few days (two or three days away). He came in to the company where I worked. He looked as if he was blur or maybe a guy that trying to ask for some money (happened quite a lot times here) so I misjudged him at first too. He went up walked pass the first counter in blur…to the second counter and still hesitated…till my colleague at the second counter voiced “Yes?” (I’m at the third counter). He eventually answered my colleague and went over to the second counter.

He began to ask her “How much is the flight fly to Taiwan for xx date?” “Unsure. There might be up until RM3000.” At this moment, I was shocked by the reply. I never heard of any flight to Taiwan that RM3000 is the lowest unless it’s business class. Normally we’ll get it around RM1000+ return way flights. That guy wore clothes pretty old… And he asked again to check it for him, so my colleague did and all she replied him was “The flight is full. Sorry.” I knew my colleague lied to him because there’s so many flights, it is impossible to be full. Just to think that we have so many airlines! And she only checked on one airline. I understand, the society judges by appearance at this time. I don’t blame her from doing this anyway.

He said he’s going to Taiwan to join a singing competition. 超级星光大道. He said he had already registered for the competition. And he walked out. He’s amazing is what I thought about him. He’s brave. I’m pretty sure he knew his own situation, but he’s brave enough to dream. I want to be like him.

When people say and think that we’re impossible to do it, but at least let us try. Our life is ours and why let people or even unknown strangers to come and decide for us? He understands himself and wanted to change his life. He at least wished to lives a better life than what the society plotted for him. He does not afraid to tell people or even the world that he has a crazy dream. I don’t know. I don’t know whether his voice is beyond goddess or vice versa. I don’t know. But I knew someday somewhere, he’s going to lives a better life.

It’s such a waste to lost such a person. The world has too little people that dare to dream big and too much of people that think everything is impossible. If I’d not knew his dream, I might still be like what the ugly society is, judging people by appearance. I love who I am right now. The me right now that dream so many things that the society thinks impossible, including my own family and friends. But I do not give up, maybe perhaps someday I might, or I might not for forever… I tried to let them discover themselves, the real them. Not the one that their parents or society plotted it for them. I kept telling my mum “Listen to your own heart. What you want, just do it. Don’t let people make decision for you. Don’t let people give you choices.”

I hope that he bought the flight tickets now and ready for his better future. Maybe someday he might be the mighty legendary singer haha! You have my vote boy! Looking forward for your appearance on the tv and shake the world! Amaze them like how you tell us your dream! Keep dreaming, keep swimming. Jiayou boy 🙂

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