Big eaterrrrrrrr

I’m back again with food post hahaha.
Basically, I used to have lunch with Brenda every lunch break well until….. recently.. (bcos I’m having my so-called healthy meal every now and then lately)
So here is the draft of few weeks ago lol

*having some green apples right now lololol*

Here was Brenda’s. I really love to have lunch at this place every time. Discovered this economical food when I was searching new place for lunch. They will always fill your plate with loads of ‘lauk’. Lolol. I pretty much prefer to takeaway because it will always so filled *happykid.

And then one day I realized…. this stupid cheap and so economical cafe is one of the main reasons for me to gain so much weight!

Normally I would not go and order dimsum but too tempted to have some on that day! (Mehhh..dimsum mehh)

But of course! I would never missed out their economy food.
Will you believe it if I say I finished all from dimsums to the plate of economy rice by my own?
Worser, there no leftover.

Now you know who’s the big eater here hahaha.
But I’d change my eating habit! Only until I achieve 52kg haha. Me is 57.9kg nao! Die die don’t want say 58kg hahahaha.
But it’s true. I’m 57.9kg now!


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