Bits and pieces in PLKN

“Bits and pieces” as the title said so in this post I gonna just share 1/1000000000000 memories in plkn.

I was in Delta. We have 5 companies (that’s what they called), Alpha, Bravo, Charlie and Delta.

I remembered I posted this photo before, but I wanted to post it again here πŸ™‚

My team @ Panglima Jaya. I missed how we used to greet each other “Selamat pagi/petang/malam, wira Delta!” and “Selamat pagi/petang/malam, wirawati Delta!” whenever the Wiras and Wirawatis meet.

Charlie @ Helang Diraja

Bravo @ Seri Kenyalang

and Alpha @ Naga Wali. It feels funny because I found out a lot spelled “Alpha” wrongly. They spelled it “Alpa”.

There are so many things to be shared and I think this PLKN-fever posts might continue for months. I’ve to jot down all of these because it is once in a lifetime experience that I may have.


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