What to bring and what NOT to bring to PLKN

I’d done my NS’ service for Kumpulan 1 Siri 10 Tahun 2013. And I heard that the second batch will be starting on this coming Sunday or perhaps the next Monday. Anyways, good luck to all of you who are lucky to be chosen! Believe me, NS was fun! Really fun, erm minus the sunburn, changing skin tones.

Well, I thought it’ll be useful for those who’ll be going to the next batch. Here I’ll share what should bring and what should not based on my experiences there.


1. Any pillows/ soft toys.

2. Medicines. But they allow it if it’s vitamin.

3. Nail clipper with the sharp/pointy knife. Try to buy the one without the knife. Super Save sells it for RM0.80 only if I’m not mistaken!

4. Cigarettes for sure.

5. The armpit’s shaver. So better bring the tweezers! *for girls*


1. Bucket to wash your clothes. You needed it. And they’ll definitely ask you to buy it so better bring from home than buying the new ones.

2. Lock and key. IMPORTANT! Just a small one enough. Try to find the smallest size.

3. Slippers (for you to use it to bathroom)

4. Extra pairs of traditional clothes!! Don’t bring only one pair because there’ll be A LOT of events happened. Bring along black leggings too if you’re planning to use cheongsam!

5. Your phone charger! Damn important lo.

6. Yoko-yoko if you’re not an outdoor person.

7. *for girls* CLIPS (because you have to clip your bangs)

8. Bring shower gel better than the ketul-ketul ones.

9. If your skin is sensitive, then I really recommend you to bring the ANTISEPTIC POWDER because some of us grew some red dots over our back.

10. Sunscreen la. We all girls bought the Sunplay 130++ spf wan, higher spf ma. But really, sunplay worked!

11. Extra hangers (really really really important)

psst..psst..Girls, you can bring cosmetics along too! πŸ˜›

I think that’s the most I can list down. No need worry about too many clothes to wash because you can send your plkn clothes daily to the laundry. All you needed to wash is your own clothes.


Guess where am I standing at?


Enjoy your moment in NS! Good luck! πŸ™‚


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