Form 5 Graduation

I’ve graduated……last month!

Life as a high school-er is fun and boring at the same time. Fun because we get to talk so much things with friends as we’ve grown up. In primary school, all we chatted with friends would always be games, movies, dramas and singers and their songs. As we grow up we started to change our conversations into boys (with the girls), fashions, dreams, 18+ rated (with the boys) etc. I gained more boy friends than girl friends as the result 8).

I used to kept on hoping for more holidays, weekends to come faster or any possible chances to not going to school. I nagged how I wished to graduated earlier, how I wished to leave the school, how I won’t being sad finishing high school. And I finally have the chance to! Surprisingly even to myself, I felt SLIGHTLY sad too haha. And more surprising is that I SANG THE SCHOOL SONG WHOLEHEARTEDLY DURING THE GRADUATION (because it’s the last chance unless I want to randomly sing it during bath?). Like seriously I never really sing the song during roll call or even assembly. I just stood there and waited for the song to finish. Haih.

Anyway, it’s 3rd of November, on a sunny Saturday morning. Our graduation was held at Parkcity and it was the first time the school held it in a hotel! They normally just held it at Dewan Suarah or even school hall. We are the special ones :mrgreen:

Brenda and I.

I was one of the 5-Star students 😳 so I get the chance to wear this rope! If I was not mistaken, it was only roughly 36 students got chosen for this award. Basically all you need to do is achieve 500 merits and above from your academic and co curriculum within the years in high school. 8)

Jasmine and I while we waited for the performances to finish outside of the hall because we will receive the 5-Star award after the performances! I wasn’t ready but Brenda had snapped it 😑

After the 5-Star award, there was some performances again but unfortunately we needed to prepare again to go up the stage once again to receive the school leaving certificate (My class was the first class to receive it – 5 Dalton 1).

Ken and I. I looked the best in only this photo and the rest were like witch wtf.

Jasmine and I again!

Mr Sia told us to wear the rope without the yellow cloth but then the other teacher told us to remove it (to balance with the other students who didn’t wear it).

Our form teacher called out our name, ambition and motto of what we wrote for the school magazine as we went up the stage. Initially, I got mine for the magazine and it’s some long motto which I got it from well, google. But then on the day we had our rehearsal, our teacher asked us to write our motto and ambition once again in a piece of paper because she didn’t have the ori ones on that day. Jasmine and I wrote a connectable motto which hers was “Why so serious?” and mine was “Get your crayon!”. Yes, from GD’s Crayon! We thought that it was only for the rehearsal as our teacher said she’ll somehow manages to get the ori one by the actual day. Who knows, she used the one for rehearsal on the actual day. And what more, she actually pronounced wrongly for mine. “Get your crayon!” to “Get your CRY ON!” :/ Btw I wrote “Food Critic” for my ambition (I wasn’t really meant it though).

Le tired smile wtf. And almost-slipped-off-shoulder-strap.

With Christie, the genius in our class and literally top 3 in our school (and science stream too!). Haih, different IQ. Tbh, our classmates really like to disturb her (and sometimes I too, disturb her :P). She’s completely like a nerd but not really (and a very neat person to the point that I-MUST-ARRANGE-MY-PENCIL-CASE-IN-THIS-ANGLE-! Just look at how neat she was in this picture).

Brenda and le cutey pie omg. Haha. I had a terrible fat face and unorganized messy hair here. I wished to look as cute as the cutey pie too! 😳

Wandered around the hotel in the middle of the ‘ceremony’.

With Amanda, the whitest girl lo. Damn white can *envy envy*. Chai took this picture and like pointed the phone down 45degree. WUIYOO!

With Chai Wan Yan. That was when I get really pissed off with my hair and lazy to tuck it behind my ears neatly. I look slim here IMO!

Teffie, Roaring me and Brenda with one eye missing. I think this was when Brenda looked at Teffie’s camera and I was like “I must take picture with Teffie! I must! I don’t care liao, which angle also okay wan!” hence I had my way to their center and snapped.

With Mansellin. It was during our way back to the ceremony hall and spotted her!

Brenda and Mans. Brenda’s smile always looks damn awkward wan hor.

Graduation ended! Made plan with Jasmine to go to a dinosaur place with located somewhere behind the hotel just because we went there last year at somewhere November too. Just thought maybe we should go back there every year hehe.

Ended up I went there by myself because…….

How lovely pfft. I WAS ALONE πŸ˜₯ BEHIND πŸ˜₯ THEM πŸ˜₯ WALKED πŸ˜₯ IN πŸ˜₯ THE πŸ˜₯ SEA πŸ˜₯

The sea is just behind the hotel!

I’m not alone. I got my shadow beneath me πŸ˜₯

Took some emo shoots of the random plants and balls of sand on the sand lol.

I’m okay being left behind πŸ˜₯ hahahahaha. They were probably like “omg i don’t want you to leave!” “please repeat your form 5 year again.” “i couldn’t see you anymore during recess” (the boy is actually younger! not sure if they are really friends or in a relationship since the girl said they’re not in a relationship but they seem like having an intimate relationship).

When back to the hotel then made our way to Pete’s Deli. I had lasagna with a scoop of mashed potato and ribena sprite. No picture but the food wasn’t as delicious as what I’ve eaten before. Or maybe because I haven’t eaten any lasagna for a year and few months?

Long post so here is the end, with 1063 Β words πŸ˜›


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